Finding A Window Cleaner

Dirty windows on your house can make it look grubby and unloved. It gives the appearance of not caring.

If you are busy you may not have time to clean your own windows. You may not have a set of ladders to reach the upper windows. What ever your reason, you have decided to employ a Window Cleaner. Here are a number of points to keep in mind before taking on a Window Cleaner.

Is the Window Cleaner a member of the Federation of Window cleaners? (Ask to see his membership card.)

Get the phone number of the Window Cleaner. If he won’t give you one, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Find out how regular he will be coming round. Some part time Window Cleaners only appear once a year when the sun is shining. Decide how often you want your windows cleaning and make sure he sticks to it.

How much will he charge you? Is it per house or per window?

How will you pay him? It’s likely that you won’t be at home during the day when the windows are cleaned. Will he come to collect cash on a specific day?

Does he have Limited Liability Insurance?

If he does not have insurance you might not want to employ him when you bear in mind that the law is a little hazy and that you could be responsible if anyone hurts themselves whilst on your property. This would obviously include anyone falling from a ladder.

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